A Series of Unfortunate Events – Bereft of Electronica

The storms that have effectively cancelled Halloween in the northeast US for the past two years (Snowtober in 2011, in Hurricane Sandy 2012) did so mainly due to the widespread power outages left in their wake.

During this time, it was common to hear people bemoaning that we really didn’t realize just how much we rely on electricity and all the gizmos and gadgets it powers.

With my demise from my previous employ, I had to hand over the company laptop immediately and so I found myself without a laptop for the first time in around 10 years.

During this time, it has become common to hear me bemoaning that I didn’t realize just how much I relied on a laptop and all the websites I use and applications it had installed on it.

To add insult to injury, I transferred my mobile phone number (that I’ve had for 10 years) to an old non-smart phone (a dumb-phone?) that seems to object to being charged.

Of course, in this drought of personal computing I am surrounded by 3 laptops (1 MacBook Pro, 2 MacBooks) and 2 tablets (Kindle Fires). (My Kindle DX has decided now is the time to break and, unless I can track down a $25 switch, it is dead in the water.)

These machines are all jealously guarded by their owners so it is difficult to gain access. I have also discovered that Kindles are fine for browsing and reading but not so much for typing or editing details. The MacBook Pro is a good machine. The MacBooks are old and nothing runs properly on them now.

The greatest loss is the application that I used to track my project hours against the PMI categories for when I need to prove I have been a PM for N hours for certifications, etc. Equally annoying is that all the websites I have saved as bookmarks are now lost. (I have learnt that lesson and I’m using Chrome to keep my various sources in sync.)

What I have found is that I am demoted to the big Dell desktop downstairs on a cluttered desk (I suppose I could tidy it, but then I can’t complain about it). Still, it’s not on the wifi but the LAN so a much faster connection. As for the old phone, I just diverted it to Skype which works just great.

So I guess the question is, assuming that I get a laptop with my next role, is it worth getting a full size tablet as a back-up and also to maintain a separation of work and home?

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